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3 Reasons Why Avia Estate is the Township of Tomorrow

The house and the community it’s part of should be considered equally when buying a new home. This is because while your home is your family’s sanctuary, the community it’s in also affects your family’s wellbeing, quality of life and safety. It can be difficult to find the best home and the best community all in one address, but we’re here to help.

What makes a  great community is the ability to meet residents’ current needs while also being  prepared for the demands of tomorrow. This is exactly what Avia Estate, Alsons Dev’s upcoming master-planned township in Alabel, Sarangani, provides. As a leading developer in Davao with over 60 years of experience, Alsons Dev has thought ahead and strategically infused the following future-ready features in the estate to promote longevity, safety, and sustainability in the SOX Region:

#1: Cast-in-Place Construction Method

Avia Estate’s first residential project is Narra Park Residences Avia, where homes are made stronger with cast-in-place concrete.

A home needs a strong foundation in order to last generations. That’s why Narra Park Residences Avia, the first residential development within Avia Estate, uses a cast-in-place method in its construction. With this method, concrete is mixed and poured directly into a mold on-site instead of putting together precast concrete or hollow blocks.

The most important advantage of this method is strength. It ensures that homes are resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.  Another great benefit is the insulation it provides. As the cast-in-place method ensures there are no cracks or gaps between materials, it acts as a barrier that can insulate sound, insects, mold, and mildew.  All these benefits of the cast-in-place method allow families to have lasting homes that they can pass down to future generations. It also prevents future hazards, allowing families to live in a safe and comfortable home. 

#2: Alabel Public Safety and Security Center

The Alabel Public Safety & Security Center, located in Avia Estate, is the first integrated emergency response center in SOCCSKSARGEN that combines police and fire stations, and a satellite emergency operation center.

A place that prioritizes safety is better equipped to handle the unpredictable and ever-changing times. A unique feature of Avia Estate is the Alabel Public Safety and Security Center, a project initiated by Alsons Dev in partnership with the Alabel local government.

The center is the first integrated emergency response center in SOCCSKSARGEN that combines three government support facilities: a police station, a fire substation, and a satellite emergency operations center, all in one address. The presence of these facilities in the township makes emergency services closer to Alabel’s residents and neighboring communities to ensure immediate response to urgent situations.

Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, a visitor, or even a neighbor of Avia Estate, knowing that there’s an integrated safety center nearby gives you peace of mind. You can go about your day without worries because potential risks are kept at bay. The compex’s  recent groundbreaking ceremony officially marked the commencement of its construction–a truly groundbreaking milestone for the township. With its construction on the way, a safer Alabel is within reach. 

#3: A Sustainable Lifestyle

Avia Estate’s mixed-use development concept and green open spaces both contribute to a lifestyle geared towards reducing carbon footprint.

Sustainable living plays a big role in ensuring a liveable world for future generations. A few simple changes to our daily lifestyle can significantly contribute to the protection of our planet.  A key advantage of Avia Estate being a mixed-use development is having a diversity of establishments close to each other, which is a great way to reduce carbon footprint by reducing the need for longer drives. Avia Estate offers a unique lifestyle where living, schooling, leisure, and work harmoniously intertwine, encouraging residents, tenants, office workers, and patrons to practice sustainability in their own little ways.  

With homes, offices, schools and business establishments all situated near each other, parents and children can work and study just a few blocks away from their home. They can also combine all errands in just one trip. And because of Avia Estate’s green spaces, the family can also have a picnic in the parks in lieu of using electronic devices at home. All these reduce the family’s carbon footprint. 

On the other hand, business owners can easily get their supplies from other neighboring establishments. This doesn’t just reduce carbon footprint by lessening the need for longer drives, it also helps reduce business logistics cost and also allows the support of local businesses. 

Meanwhile, office workers who live nearby can bike to their workplace, enjoy the estate’s green open spaces during their breaks, or eat their lunch in one of Avia Estate’s many restaurants. All these activities can be done in just one space without the need to drive or commute, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving a lot of time, resources, and energy–all of which are good for the environment. Plus, it encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. 

With a future-ready township that prioritizes the safety of its people, promotes sustainability, and creates vibrant communities that are able to withstand the test of time, Sarangani’s future sure looks bright. Avia Estate doesn’t just keep up with the times, but evolves with it, making it a worthwhile investment that can face whatever tomorrow will bring. Not only are you in good hands at Avia Estate, but so is your future.

To learn more about Avia Estate’s exceptional features, visit or our Sales Office at 2F, LIl Building, Santiago Boulevard, General Santos City.

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Our Developments


Avia Estate will house prime residential communities that will cater to different market needs, starting with Narra Park Residences Avia. This maiden project is set to be a lush community of high-quality homes that’s patterned after the highly successful development in Davao of the same name.


A Public Safety and Security Complex that will house police and fire stations will be built in Avia Estate in partnership with the Alabel LGU. This will ensure quick response to emergencies in the township and its neighboring communities.


Patrons can dine and shop with friends and family in the estate’s upcoming commercial hubs, restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores.


The residential communities within the estate will feature exceptional amenities like community centers, parks, sports facilities, and green open spaces where the neighbors can bond and do leisure activities.


One of the first facilities to rise in Avia Estate is The Abba’s Orchard, a Montessori school that aims to bring out the best in its students through the Maria Montessori Method of Education.